Monday, 29 June 2015


12/4/2015 – 7/5/2015

Seriously, I had fallen in love with SK Wakaf Tapai. This is my first practicum as a teacher trainee and I’ve got a school that was just stone’s throw away from my house. Actually, that was exaggerating. If I throw a stone for sure it will not reach this school. Haha. But I’m grateful because it was not far away from my house. I just need around 10-15 minutes to reach the school. This practicum was for 1 month and yes I stayed with my family for 1 month. Yeayyyyy! (hoping next sem I will get nearby school too) *praying

So, let me tell you everything that makes my first practicum was so meaningful. Ok, first day I went to this school for sure I want a timetable so that I can do my work and not only playing with my phone (this happens when I bored, I’m just scrolling the menu actually). But then, I only get my timetable on Wednesday. So, I have time to play with my phone on Monday and Tuesday (Sunday, my school have an occasional holiday). I’ve got timetable to teach English Subject for 10 periods which equal to 5 hours a week for class 5 Ibnu Khaldun. So, I will get 1 hour to teach English everyday. It is the first class of Year 5. Seriously, I was nervous because I never teach and plan a lesson plan for year 5 before. I don’t even have the textbook. This is due to they are the first batch who are using KSSR syllabus. It’s okay. I’ll take that as a challenge *flip hair (challenge la sangat). Hmmm………..

Then, as I got the timetable, the teacher who is currently teaching 5 ibnu Khaldun asked me to enter the class on the spot. Okay.Okay. Relax Wabilah. This is what you want right? Hmm.. As I entered the class, I conduct some ice breaking session. Yes, the typical one. Start with the introduction about them and me. Then I set some rules and regulations. One of the highlighted rules is, USE ENGLISH DURING MY CLASS. Ya, this is English class, for sure we need to talk in English right? I still remember during the last week, I had some time to talk casually with the students and guess what they said to me. “Kteorang neves mase first2 ticer masuk, dah la cakap fully English, pastu laju pulak. Kteorang ingat ticer ni datang dari oversea.” Haha. Sorry kiddos, I will check my pace after this. Ok, continue with my story. I went home happily that day. Why? I’ve fallen in love with them. They’re so lovely and give full cooperation during my first class with them. Yes, I can’t wait for the next next next class. ^^

Actually, being an IPG student for not yet reaching 1 year, it was really really hard for me. Seriously. It’s really hard to plan an effective, interesting, amazing, pleasure, bombastic lesson plan. I’m not a real IPG students who are already blend with lesson plan. I’m not a creative thinking person who can plan a great lesson plan for my pupils. Before this, when our assignments asking us to create a lesson plan, it took me a month to really finish the assignment after consulting friends and lecturer for hundreds of time. But for practicum, we need to plan a lesson plan everyday. I repeat EVERYDAY! (diggin’ my own grave) Me are full of doubts while making lesson plan. Am I on the right track? Can I do this activity with kids? Is it time consuming? What if I did not have enough time for that? Is this lesson enjoyable and interesting enough to be conducted? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa… my feeling at that time is I wanna turn back time and never choose teaching as my profession. *crying

As a trainee teacher I will have several observations with the teacher which is with my cooperative teacher and my lecturer. And Alhamdulillah, I’ve got a positive feedback and advice from them. As for my last observation which is the most important, my lecturer will observe me together with the cooperative teacher. Yes, I’m totally nervous. After setting the day and date, they had observed me during the last day I was at that school which is Thursday of the last week and during the last period. Oh yeahhhh. Last day supposed to be a rest day for us to be with the kids but here I am, still struggling with lesson plan. Yes, lesson plan. I need to make a great lesson plan for this day. Alhamdulillah, one of my friends, Akmal had given me a great idea. Actually, Akmal is really helpful. There were so many things that he had taught me during this practicum even it was just over the whatsapp. That’s what technology is supposed to be used for, right? (ilmiah giler ak) *flip hair. Thank you so much Akmal. I really appreciate that. May Allah s.w.t bless you always.

Alhamdulillah, the feedback from my lecturer and the teacher was really surprised me. They said that I have the aura of the real teacher. I look relax and cool while conducting the lesson. I acknowledge all the good behaviour and not forgetting the misbehaviour.Thank you Ya Allah. I don’t know what to say at that time and all I did was saying thank you to them. Yes, now, I get the confidence to be the real teacher. Allah has plan the best for me. I should never quit this profession. Teaching should be my passion. And yes, I love kids. That’s why I choose teaching primary school as my profession at the first place. Thank you Allah.
I think that’s all for now. To be continued on the part 2. Hehe. I promised I will provide more pictures for the part II. (bajet ada org baca… kekekekke)  *flip hair
                                                                                Nurul Wabilah
7:38 pm

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What people think of me?

During the Hari Raya Puasa last Year, 2 of my close friends came to my house and we talk about our student’s life.
Me         : It’s so hard being an IPG student. Especially learning my minor. Can u guess what minor subject that I take? Seriously a subject that really doesn’t suit me and one of my dislike subject at school.
Friend   : I know, Pendidikan Islam.
Me         : Actually, I’m gonna say, Visual Arts.

When we talked about online shopping.
Friend A               :  Wabilah, there’s a jean sales. Do you wanna buy it with me? Seriously, really really cheap.
Me                         : Really? What kind of jean. Bootcut? Straightcut? Skinny?
Friend A               : I choose bootcut, but there’s only several of them. U should quick.
Friend B               : Wabilah usually wears skinny right?
Me                         : Actually, I also want the boot cut. (most of my jeans straight cut and not skinny)

Based on the 2 situation above, I can tell what other people think of me. I might not be the alim ulamak person but every day I tried to be a better person than yesterday. Seriously, I don’t hate Islamic studies. To improve myself, I tend to be close with the people that I called alim ulamak. They might not be a real ulamak, but there were my friends that each time I looked and talked to them, they remind me of Allah. When I lose hope and I don’t know what to do, I do seek for their advice. In terms of clothing, I admit I wear jeans. But lately, I tend to wear skirts. I tried my best to improve. To my readers, do pray for me to be a better muslimah day by day. Thank you. ^^
Nurul Wabilah
7:39 pm

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


**luahan hati s'org LELAKI**
Aku paling menyampah,
Dengan status perempuan yang malu-malu,
Atau rasa segan apabila kena mengorat dengan lelaki.
Paling aku sakit hati apabila dia ialah seorang muslimah,
Berada dalam landasan fikrah beragama,
Dari sekolah agama,
Belajar di institusi agama,
Tahu pasal agama.
Weyh perempuan !
Kalau kau kena mengorat,
Maknanya kau masih belum pandai jaga ikhtilat,
Garanglah sikit !
Bukan sekadar sombong je tapi garang !
Garang tahu tak?
Bukannya melemah-lembutkan suara,
Ber'enta' dan'enti' dalam pergaulan,
Konon hendak menjaga hati,
Tapi menimbulkan masalah hati pula,
Bagaimana tu?
Menjaga apa namanya?
Kalau berlemah lembut sampai menimbulkan fitnah dan huru hara?
Bukannya mengada-ngada,
Tunjukkan diri itu ala-ala perempuan Melayu terakhir,
Sopan-santun di depan lelaki sampai hatinya cair,
Malu-malu tak kena tempat,
Layan lelaki ikut suka hati tak jaga ikhtilat,
Main mesej tanpa urusan muammalat,
Kemudian kau salahkan lelaki?
Bagi aku lah kan,
Kau yang tak tegas,
Terlalu berlemah lembut tak kena tempat,
Bajet ayu untuk memikat,
Ber'enta' dan 'enti' untuk menarik perhatian,
Memakai purdah dengan tujuan mahu menayang,
Konon-konon kitalah muslimah solehah,
Lelaki mudah tertarik dengan wanita ala-ala muslimah,
Katanya :
"Jangan berkasar sangat dengan lelaki, nanti mereka kecil hati,urusan tak jalan kalau bertegas dengan Adam, Adam ini ego tak menerima nasihat"
Alasan yang dah basi.
Itu semua poyo !
Wahai perempuan,
Jaga diri boleh tak?
Tegas dan garang!
Walaupun kau tu muslimah,
Jadilah tegas dan garang !
Tak payah nak berlembut sangat.
Biar lelaki benci !
Jangan lelaki jatuh hati !
Kalau lelaki duduk meroyan teringat kat kau,
Kau bangga ke?
Daripada dia berkopiah langsung tak berambut,
Daripada dia suka ke surau langsung duduk dalam bilik,
Hilang sudah seorang pejuang agama,
Hanya kerana kau yang bajet ayu dan muslimah tak kira masa.
Maaflah kalau aku berkasar,
Bagi aku seorang muslimah solehah,
Dia mesti tegas ! 
Sebab dia tahu maruah diri dia di mana,
Dia tidak boleh berlembut sesuka hati,
Dia ialah wanita yang paling ramai dibenci daripada disukai,
Lihat Zainab Al Ghazali,
Ummu Salamah,
Saidatina Aisyah,
Kerana agama mereka dibenci,
Kerana lantang bersuara mereka dicaci
Mereka sangatlah tegas berdiri menegakkan panji agama,
Tak pernah pun lelaki mengorat mereka,
Kerana lelaki takut dengan hamasahnya dalam memperjuang agama,
Jika ada yang mahu menyunting,
Mereka mendapatkan secara terhormat,
Tak pernah mengorat secara dekat.
Wahai muslimah,
Yang ada fikrah agama,
Jika ada yang mahu mengorat anda !
Sila salahkan diri sendiri,
Refresh diri,
Mungkin fikiran anda masih lagi memikirkan tentang mencari suami?
Belum lagi fokus pada urusan memperbaiki diri?
Atau tidak terlintas lansung untuk berjuang demi agama sampai mati?
Ramai sahaja aku melihat muslimah lemah lembut,
Ayu dan terlalu memikat,
Namun sangat pengecut untuk bertegas,
Sangat tak pernah bertindak untuk menggerakkan agama yang dimilikinya,
Apa? Kau rasa dengan keayuan kau tu kau boleh menyumbang pada agama?
Dengan keayuan kau tu boleh menggerakkan dakwah dengan kencang ke?
Dengan lemah-lembuh kau tu boleh menjayakan misi ummah dengan berjaya ke?
Apa sumbangan sopan santun kau terhadap lelaki pada agama?
Maafkan aku jika berkasar,
Aku sudah muak + menyampah,
Apabila orang tak henti-henti mengadu ada yang mengorat !
Tolonglah tegas dan garang dalam muammalat,
Jaga ikhtilat sesama muslimin muslimat,
Biar lelaki benci !
Jangan sampai mereka jatuh hati !
Aku penatlah.
Penat melayan semua ini.
Karate je ada yang nak mengorat kau tu boleh?
Lepas tu confirm dah tak ada lelaki yang berani dekat, sentuh dan mengorat kau lagi !
Serius !
Aku respect perempuan yang garang dan tak bajet ayu,
Perempuan yang tiada pakwe kerana menolak cinta dunia yang palsu,
Mereka tahu suatu perkara asas yang perlu iaitu :
"Aktiflah dalam berpesatuan, menuntut ilmu dengan slumber, bersuaralah pada kebenaran tanpa rasa segan, jangan terlalu menjaga penampilan sampai di depan cermin berjam-jam untuk menarik perhatian, berdakwah tanpa rasa gentar, berbuat baiklah tanpa rasa malu, buatlah apa jua tanpa menghiraukan keadaan yang melanda"
Kerana mereka tahu juga :
"Sampai suatu saat kau akan diuji dengan berat dan ketika itu kau amat memerlukan bantuan, Allah akan menghadiahkan kau seorang suami soleh untuk dijadikan teman"
Relaks, tak payah nak berlembut dan bajet ayu sangat sampai tak bergerak dalam persatuan,
Kau buat je apa sahaja dengan slumber,
Bila sampai masanya,
Allah akan bagi juga,
Si dia yang soleh di depan mata.
Yang ni ada kau aktif berpesatuan?
Ada kau slumber berdakwah tanpa segan?
Ada kau menuntut ilmu sampai pengsan?
Ada kau berani bersuara atas kebenaran?
Ke masih bajet ayu dan malu dalam pergaulan dan berpersatuan?
Kemudian lelaki mengorat kau bangga dan tak henti-henti menyerlah~
Tepuk dada tanya iman..Maafkan hamba jika terkasar bahasa. ....

cc: Mahadzir Chipmunk

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Banyak sangat benda yang jadi dalam tempoh masa terdekat ni. So, banyak mende nak cerita tapi x tercerita kat blog ni sebab busy. Busy ke lazy? haha. Duk blogwalking tadi, jumpa quotes ni. Deep for people like me. 

So, tunggula ak rajin sikit. Macam2 aku cerita nanti. ^^

*tengah buat esemen LGA, tulisnya 2 ayat pastu mengonlinekan diri 20 minit. Pastu tulis lagi 2 ayat, online lagi 20 minit and that happen continuously. Well, dats describing me. YeaH! I'm a lazy person. haha

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Assalamualaikum and hi.
Here i go again.
Wordless Wednesday.
Less speech, let the picture speaks.

She's my friend.
She's adorable and incredible.
She's qualified enough for NYDP post for JPP IPGKDRI 2015/2016 session. 
Good luck, dear!

*let's pray for her winning my dear readers! ^^ tomorrow is the day

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Bila dah tah tahu nak buat apa, bila dah terlanjur buat sesuatu yg tak patut, kita hanya mampu tawakkal dan berdoa pada Allah S.W.T. Moga Allah kirimkan satu keajaiban. Moga Allah tutup aib kita. Mungkin ni hari aku, esok lusa hari kau pulak? Kau nak ke org tahu kelemahan kau? Bagi kau mungkin semua ni satu gurauan, tapi pada aku, ianya kelemahan. Muhasabah diri memasing.

Jangan buka aib orang, Insya Allah, Allah jaga aib kita. ^^
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