Tuesday, 22 January 2013

~BIG at PD~

Time passed so quickly. This year gonna be my first year of degree at KIC. We registered as a degree student on 7th January 2013 and then, 8th Jan, we went to a camping at Port Dickson. Double what? so quick! I did not make any preparation and then MUST join this camp for 4 days. OMG, I really can't accept that! This camp is called Bina Insan Guru which is needed for all teacher trainees to go through this for each sem in degree which means, 8 times? (if i'm not mistaken). Whatever it was, i'd have gone through all of that things. Many kind of feelings i could feel. Angry, sad, tired, happy (really?), moody, nervous and many more. I just can't describe all of them. Let's us just enjoy the photos. :)

Our campsite

Me, aina, nabila, ida n ina(the photographer) are in the same group.
so lucky!hihi :)

From left, aina, ina, ida n the shy me...kikiki :P

some of my group members

4 of them were our facilitator.

Some of KIC students who joined this camp.

LDK that was handled by Ustaz Zul. He is really funny. Kelantanese. 
Love to call Usha.

Jaja n put, my group members.
As you can see, we're not eating while sitting on a chair
No chairs available. Sometimes, when it came to lunch,
we had to stand sitting while boiling our body. huhu :(

Beach trekking which can be considered as jungle trekking
We walked along the beach.
It was quite challenging when we had to go through 
the place that had many dangerous slippery big rocks.

During the trekking, we found a unique flora. It looks
like a pineapple but it's kinda weird.

Two lovely couple..=='

Beautiful sky in the evening.

Our camp was continued in our college as well.
We need to do LDK (grouping works)

This time we need to promote our product.
We choose a food product which is called 'craquelin veloutes'
It is actually a nutritional biscuits.

Two talented promoter from our group, the funny ida
n my friend, nabila.

Last but not least, my group members that are so awesome!

A cheers that was created by us :)

Unfortunately, i did not have the chance to take some pictures during the water activities. Actually, water activities was really challenging. It was the activities that i afraid the most. I don't know how to swim and that makes me nervous doing those kind of activities. During this camp, we did canoeing and rafting. I'd been rafting before at Pangkor. But i'm having a difficult time canoeing because this was the first time for me and my partner do this kind of activities. So, what happenned? Our raft capsized...huhuhuhu ;'( Luckily, nothing bad happens. After this, i must work really hard for the water based activities as i have to overcome my
phobia with the water...I must do it and i can do it...
Because I'm.............................................

That's all for now..
bye! :)
# be positive in life 

p/s: i've got my 3rd HPV injection today. *sakit* :(


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