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Assalamualaikum and hi to my blog readers. So, after such a long hiatus, here I am again to continue sharing my practicum story. Actually, now I had finished all my practicums and in the state of waiting for interview. Since I had sooo much free time, I choose to write here. Hehehe
I need to do a little throwback things to remember again what happened during my first practicum. Here I want to share with you that even though I got praise for my excellent teaching, I also had flaws.

As an English teacher, we are advised to use English with your students all the time during the English lesson. But what happened to me is, when I got the relief for Year 1 class, I use English too (stupid me) and they were all just staring blankly at me and say ‘kami x paham satu apa pon ticer’. I think this is one of the stupidest things that I had done during my first practicum. How can I expect Year 1 student can understand me plus me speaking at the fastest speed as always. Hahahahha…  Again I want to emphasis, I WAS IN MY FIRST PHASE OF PRACTICUM AND FIRST TIME ENTER THE SCHOOL FOR TEACHING. So, please forgive my stupidity, kids.

Here, I want to say that, being a teacher you should be able to adapt and adopt with the situation and be as creative as you can be. People might always say including me at first, ‘I AM NOT CREATIVE AT ALL’, ‘ I CANNOT DO THIS’, ‘I REALLY ENVY SOMEONE CREATIVE LIKE YOU’. But believe me guys, you can be one if you always willing to learn and learn and learn. These are what you can do:

1) Ask ideas and advises from you colleagues. For me, i only learn how to become a real teacher when I first entered IPG during the fourth semester. So, I was quite left behind compared to my other classmates. What I always do is, always ask for their advice. Lucky me to have such reliable classmates who’s willing to entertain me each time I have problem with teaching and others.

2) Share opinion with your practicum mate. Make sure you create a good relationship with your mates. Help each other.

3) Ask advises from you seniors who had gone for practicum. Ask for their experiences and advices. You can also refer to them when you have problem with the writing format and so on. Since I just came to IPG this semester, I did not know many seniors which I can look for. Or I can say, I knew no one. Haha.. pity me who don’t know how to socialize well. But lucky me to have practicum mates from other courses which is Pendidikan Agama Islam who’s willing to help me a lot with the Portfolio’s format and how to complete the record book. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much Zulfaqar & Azri. Huhu…

4) Surf the internet on creative ideas. Language games and so on. When you got the relief class and don’t know what to do, you can play games with them. Trust me, young children really loves games. Even a simple game such as quiz on spelling, they will participate actively since they need to compete with friends. But to make sure that the game is meaningful, make sure you there are language elements or moral values in the game.

5) Join group in facebook/ telegram where teachers share collections of their creative work. There are facebook group such as, Teacher Collection, Koleksi Cikgu Anis and so one where all these creative teachers share their ideas and creative works that they had done at their class and school. They’re sooo inspiring.

6) Read, read and read. Find a great book, or exercise book that full of interesting activities. You can find all these books at the bookstores. 

7) Surf for beautiful pictures, cartoons from the internet and printed it out. There’s no more excuses ‘I HAD A BAD HANDWRITING’, ‘I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRAW WELL’, ‘I ONLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW THE STICK MAN’ when we have so much technology in our hand.
Enough with these 7 tips to become a creative teacher first. I will list them again if I remember any one in my next post. So, overall my first practicum really taught me a lot about teaching, students, teachers and friends. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get an A for this practicum. 

Enjoy the photos!

During my first lesson, i taught them on 'Family Tree'. Later on, I draw the tree on the blackboard. Blackboard? Yes, this school still use the blackboard. hihi... 

My lovely litte muchkins of 5 Ibnu Khaldun. 

During the Pandu Puteri Meeting. We handle the activity which they must come out with their group cheers and presented it in front of the class. 

First of all, they must completed what the Pandu Puteri Teacher ask them to do. Some stuffs about clothes if i'm not mistaken. 

They're ready to present the cheers. yeayyyy hihi

I provided English Passport for each of the students of 5IK where they need to use during my lesson. 

Observed my friend's teaching to get an idea. hehe 

One of the lovely letters from my students. hihi, wanna know what's written inside??? shhhh!! secret! hihi

Three handsome superheroes of 5IK, Ikmal (yellow), Adam (Red) and Salihin (Green). 

After the choral speaking competition. We didn't win but selfie is a must.. kekekke

Post choral speaking photoshoot. kekek

Another one. 

And 1 more. kekekkekeke

Break during the Choral Speaking Practice. This practice was during the weekend. My lovely 5IK students. hihi 

During the practice at school in front of senior teachers. Teacher wabilah is soo nervous and it resulted in i keep on scolding them when they do mistakes.. hahaha... forgive this fierce lion teacher wabilah, my dear students.. huhu

My students is well behaved in the class. :)

Azim (red), Hayat (orange), Hafizuddin (blue). Hafizuddin is such a genius and cute and good student. He managed to get 6A's during UPSR 2016. Teacher is proud of you, dear!! 

During the choral speaking practice. 

Iman, one of the most talkative student.

The day of the choral speaking competition. Teacher was sooo nervous.. huhu

During the competition. The competition started with my students from SKWT. huhu.. being the first competitor, i can see they did their best! Love you my students! huhu 

My students of 5IK. After the competition, it's time to continue with the class... hihi 

WoW!! Milo van is coming to our school. As a teacher, i managed to get extra cup of Milo. kekekke

During the farewell party held by 5IK students. They sang the farewell song for us. huhu 

My last lesson with the students which i got good comments from the teacher and lecturer. I taught them on Sabah & Sarawak's food. Alhamdulillah everything went well. huhu

I want to give my deepest gratitude to:
~ Sekolah Kebangsaan Wakaf Tapai, Marang, Terengganu. 
~My mentor, Teacher Azhieeda
~My supervisor lecturer, Madam Noorliza. Thank you soo much for your supportive comments and it really motivates me sooo much to do well. Thank you sooo much.
~ My practicum mates for being able to deal with me for this 1 months. 
~My lovely students of 5 Ibnu Khaldun, 2016. Teacher loves you soooo much. :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.:) 


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