Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Camping Trip at Pangkor Island

Assalamualaikum and hye to my lovely readers...

Here, I would like to share about my camping trip last week, 
4 days & 3 nights
nothing to say much, but I really enjoy it..
most of the time were doing water based activities
and it was a new experience for me..
but I'm afraid of water...
so, during this camping, I'm trying my best to avoid that feeling
so, now enjoy the photos...

in the ferry on the way to Pangkor Island

Indian but he doesn't know Tamil 
he only speak English
I met him in the ferry

Subash and his brother, Suraj
Suraj is really naughty
He sit behind me in the ferry 
and he keep hitting my back..=='

arrived at our camp, Raudhah Camp

Aina & Ayla

preparing materials for cooking
with our lecturer Mr Graham Offler

props for the performance during cultural night
*in progress*

cutie tiger
*tiger is my character during the performance*

am I looks like a lion?


trying to show her talent

and also Aina...
*dreaming alone*

let's rock bebeh...

tired till sleeping...

the sleeping ida....

sleeping while standing??

our hamper
we've got the 2nd place

jungle trekking

smile ^^

survival cooking in the middle of the forest
with Aina & Ida

half ready...

at the jetty on my way back home
life jacket that I've tied with Ina with all my strength....
last but not least...

I really love my group...
our teamwork is the best....

Individually we are DROP
Together we are OCEAN...

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hello & Hi my lovely readers..

Today I want to say that my favourite subject is..
all credit goes to mr z***

although I'm really really tired today
with the 'bersih' and all that
i'm not joining 'bersih'
but stuck there
because they blocked our way
huhuhuhuuhuhu :'(
but still today i had an unforgettable experience...
speaking with mr z??
can't forget this moment
even so tired but still can smile ^^

#hope to see you again

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